SHELIA GAYE is an American Singer, Lyricist, Composer, Arranger and Producer born in Dayton, Ohio and now living in Las Vegas, Nevada.  While growing up in Dayton, "The Land Of Funk", Shelia Gaye was exposed to the vast conglomerate of Funk, R&B, Pop, & Gospel Artists.  She has performed with members of Lakeside, Slave, Dottie Peoples,  Walter "Junie" Morrison of The Ohio Players/Parliament-Funkadelic and many others.  She has also written for the Grammy Award Winning Commodores.   Her solo CD, "MY BABY" was released on the Julian Ferrari Entertainment Label.  Presenting The Beautiful Lyrics & Music of Shelia Gaye...  An Artist Unlike Any Other!!!

Contact:  JulianFerrariEnt@yahoo.com